Alpha Solway E-MAN-7000

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  • Specifically designed for those working with electrical applications
  • Helmet shell fully intact, no ventiliation holes
  • Helmet shell constructed of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with integrated UV blocker
  • Reduce the force delivered to the wearer’s head, neck, shoulders with the Crashbox crumple zone technology
  • 30mm slots for ear defenders
  • The 6-point textile (polyamide) suspension harness serves 2 purposes – spreading the force of any impact and providing optimal fit & comfort by moulding to the wearers head
  • Get the perfect headband fit with our padded ratchet adjustment system – easy to adjust even when wearing gloves
  • Comfortable sweatband made of antiallergenic, washable fleece
  • Rectractable green visor which offers up to 7kA arc flash protection
  • Secure the safety helmet with 4-point self-releasing chin-strap mounts
  • Available in multiple colour combinations
  • Adjustable headband sizing: 53-62cm
  • In-use lifetime: up to 5 years (if undamaged)
  • Weight – 720g


  • CE
  • EN 397
  • EN 50365
  • ANSI Z89.1 2014
  • Metal Splash and Molten Metal protection: MM
  • Visor only: CE, EN 166, EN 170