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The award winning Monocle is a stylish and lightweight, rechargeable headlamp specially designed for running. It’s a compact yet high-performing light without the unnecessary features, so you can focus on your stride. With 225 lumens, focus beam pattern and different modes, it’s ideal for low-light outdoor activities when you need to see where you’re going, and will keep you safer in traffic. While the small size and low weight minimize bouncing.


This headlamp features stepless angle adjustment, so you can point it exactly where you need to. With a clean, minimalistic look and this season’s colors to enhance your outfit, an adjustable strap so it sits securely, and an oversized button that’s easy to operate with gloves on.


Holding the on/off button also locks the light and reduces the risk of accidentally turning it on when packing it in your bag.


  • Light weight
  • 225 Lumens
  • Runtime up to 10 hours
  • Water Resistant
  • Charge with USB
  • German Design Award Special 2022


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