SOLAR SOLVE – Solasafe Anti-Glare Sunscreens RH Chain 2520cm/992.126inch Width X 1400cm/511.2inch Height

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Capture glasses are dielectric, have hard coated, scratch-resistant polycarbonate
Filters out 99.9% of harmful UV rays to ensure your eyes stay safe
Capture safety glasses are designed to fit comfortably and securely over your prescription frames
The poly-carbonate temples extend from brow-bar to avoid interference with prescription frame temples


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SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens are the only transparent anti-glare sunscreens in the world that are Type Approved for marine use by FOUR major type approval bodies – Lloyds, DNV-GL, ABS and RINA. They are a proven safety aid when installed at navigation windows, reducing glare and heat caused by the sun to create a safer, more comfortable operational environment.


SOLASAFE® anti-glare sunscreens are housed in an anodised aluminium cassette for maximum performance and protection. The ‘wipe clean’ brush system ensures that any dirt and dust collected during operation is removed when the screen is retracted. All screens come complete with aluminium bottom rail and optional side channels or guide cables.


• Improved visibility and safety – glare is reduced by up to 93% to ensure clear visibility and safer navigation. True colour rendition is maintained so navigation marks and objects are easily identified

• Reduced eye strain – the problem of glare and reflection on electronic charts is eliminated. Low sun and its reflection on water and ice can be hazardous and uncomfortable

• Creates a more comfortable environment – keeps crew alert and maintains workrate by rejecting up to 87%* of the suns heat

• Protects exposed areas of the body – at least 97% of harmful UV light is filtered

• Guaranteed for 7-years

• Easy to install, simple to operate

• Choice of operating systems and film colours

• Made to measure

• Only sunscreens in the world to be type approved by Lloyds, DNV-GL, ABS and RINA